Cotswold Cream Block Limestone, Oathill Quarry Gloucestershire

Our Cotswold Limestone cream block bed is a highly consistent masonry quality stone with medium grain texture.

Cotswold Cream Block Limestone is a traditional, warm cream stone with a medium grain texture and some small clusters of interesting shell and fossil.

This bed is capable of producing in excess of 10,000 tonnes of fine masonry quality stone each year in block up to 1.5 metres high and an individual size of up to 10 tonnes.

The size and highly consistent nature of this block means it has a wide variety of interior and exterior uses including windows, chimneys, coping, walling, flooring and fireplaces.

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Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination:

Cream limestone is cream to buff in colour consisting primarily of ooliths and generally elongate fossil fragments within a carbonate cement. Some of the fossil fragment appear to have a high iron content and imparted an iron-brown colour to their surroundings. There is no visible orientation to the components within the sample and a few pore spaces are evident.

In thin section the stone was confirmed as a limestone consisting primarily of ooliths. These were often circular in shape, isolated and showed very little evidence of compaction. Concentric structure was visible in some. Many were seeded, with these including quartz, carbonate grains or sometimes a fossil fragment. The ooliths were generally composed of micrite, with grains of iron-rich minerals often within the structure. Oxidation of these often resulted in localised iron oxide/hydroxide discolouration.

A carbonate cement was present throughout the stone, with this generally being a coarse sparite, although more finely crystallised zones are also apparent. Based on the mineralogy identified in thin section and the texture seen in hand specimen, the stone has been given the classification of Oolitic limestone.

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