Creeton Banded Limestone at Creeton Quarry, Lincolnshire

A honey or cream stone with a medium grain texture and light intermittent banding. A Clipsham Style block with a wide range of construction applications.

Creeton Banded Limestone is a unique Lincolnshire Clipsham style stone with a honey to cream colour and a medium grain texture and gets its name from its attractive patina and intermittent banding.

The principal use of CB stone is for hand-set ashlar. Encompassed with other carved stone masonry elements it is the perfect material and choice for any job due to its consistency and ease of use. The beautiful banded patina offers warmth with character and provides a wonderful finish to any external or internal fa├žade when used as a sawn ashlar.

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Lincolnshire Banded Limestone

When mixed with the other Creeton Limestones, a sawn, split and tumbled building stone alongside carved masonry detailing will provide a unique natural warm finish to any commercial or residential project.

A good example of its use can be found in the St. James Place Wealth Management Office Building in Cirencester where finished individual element sizes of 700mm heights with a rustication have been achieved.

Blocks sizes range between 2 and 10 tons, with a maximum bed height of 1.25 metres and are readily available for the stone processing industry.

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Petrographic Description and Mineral Examination

The constituents were held in a sparite cement. The sample readily absorbed water in the drop test. The stone consisted principally of micritic ooliths, most of which showed traces of a concentric structure. The size was typically 1mm down, with many centred around a seed of a broken fossil fragment or sparite. Sorting is generally poor, but packing is dense, with many ooliths showing signs of distortion due to compaction. There are many fine iron mineral grains throughout the stone often giving rise to localised discolouration due to iron oxides/hydroxides. Some pore spaces remain but most are filled with a coarse sparite cement which after staining confirmed the carbonate composition as calcite.

UK delivery from Creeton Quarry

In conjunction with our other quarries operated by Johnston Quarry Group, delivery can be arranged throughout most of mainland Britain. If you require further advice, information or specification on this product please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Creeton Quarry, Counthorpe, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG33 4QG

For more information please contact the site office: +44 (0) 1780 410 202

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