Agricultural Lime, Oathill Quarry Gloucestershire

High quality fine Cotswold Agricultural Lime to improve soil structure and crop yield.

Agricultural Lime improves soil structure and remains of fundamental importance to the growing of a high yielding healthy crop. Oathill Quarry Lime is screened to less than 5mm and shows a neutralizing value circa 52% maximizing the the lasting benefits for the farmland and its crop rotation.

Lime spread on agricultural land Improves soil structure which is essential for maximising the benefit from expensive fertilisers, it improves the efficiency of herbicides and is a low cost, easy application. It is considered by all agronomists to be a long-term investment in the productive potential of the land with a small deficiency in soil pH significantly impacting on crop yields.

We are happy to assist and arrange delivery using a variety of vehicles to ensure access to awkward areas of farmland. For further information and to inquire about Lime availability from Oathill Quarry please contact us.

All products are available in bulk or bags.

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